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Ultrasonic - the industrial Allrounder

Whoever hears the term ultrasonic, first thinks of bats and echo sounding.

The technology of ultrasonic is used in the industry to weld and connect suitable thermoplastics and is the result of a long optimization process. Plastic parts of all sizes are sustainably connected with each other. Fast, efficient and economical - ultrasonic connections are indispensable in our daily lives.

The sustainable connection of thermoplastics

The «swiss-sonic-team» in Arbon (Switzerland) has developed ultrasonic welding technology thanks to optimization software «Global Optimize». The infrastructure of this small, innovative team offers ideal solutions. Thanks to a thermal imaging camera and many other internal control systems, the quality of the weld can be improved and optimized. On customers request the team also develops special systems. At «swiss-sonic» the highest priority is consulting and first-class customer service.

Ultrasonic applications in the textile industry

The «swiss-sonic-team» is not only concerned with pure ultrasonic welding.

In the textile industry, e.g. during the cutting of awnings the material has to contain a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre, the edges can be cut and sealed at the same time. A very affordable and sustainable process.

Ultrasonic applications in the food industry

The «swiss-sonic-team» has ventured into the food sector. In the cheese processing industry ultrasonic is ideal to cut soft as well as filled cheese and blocks of cheese without any damage to the product, because no pressure is created. Thanks to the always immaculate horn (blade) a simple and clean portioning is guaranteed.


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Ultrasonic - the industrial allrounder
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