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Hand-held equipment


Hand-held cutting unit UCH 35

Compact Ultrasonic hand-held cutting unit for cutting of fabrics, non-woven materials, foils etc. Ideal for straight and curved cutting. With guiding rail on a cutting table the ideal cutting unit also for larger series.

Cost-efficient Ultrasonic Cutting equipment for studios, small and medium-sized enterprises. At best adequate for single cuts as well as for small up to medium series.

UWG 35-2

Hand welding unit UWG 35-2

Compact ultrasonic hand welding unit UWG 35 to weld, spot weld, rivet, staple thermoplastic and textile materials.

For car parts which are difficult to access and industrial assembly site.

It is a economical solution for small series especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The new Hand welding unit is built more compact with an ergonomic handle for precise welding. Thanks to the weight reduction the ultrasonic hand welding unit is more comfortable.


Hand-held welding unit UWH 35-2

Compact Ultrasonic hand-held welding unit for welding, spot-welding, riveting, tacking and calking of plastics, thermoplastic coated and thermoplastic fabrics.

Applied in studios, car manufacturing, difficult accessible or overhead areas and industrial assembly yards. Cost-efficient Ultrasonic Welding equipment for limited-lot production in studios, small and medium enterprises.



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