Company History

2000 – Founding of the company «J + B Bernet» in Kreuzlingen.
Jürg Bernet develops and produces customized tools for ultrasonic welding and cutting. Thanks to an excellent network of customers and suppliers, as well as many years of experience in ultrasonic technology, a constantly growing customer base is being built up.

2002 –Company moves to Arbon and first employee for mechanical production is hired.

2003 – Addition of a sales representative.
The company focuses on customer-oriented application engineering and manufacturing of mechanical components. The mechanical design and the development and production of the electronics is carried out by external partners.

2007 - A design engineer is hired.
Development and production of mechanical parts are now in-house and the premises in Arbon are expanded with an own production hall. Quality and availability are significantly improved as a result.

2013 – Extension of the administration.
The company expands its order area and can win more and more customers worldwide. Further production employees are hired.

2017 – Conversion into a joint-stock company, today's «swiss-sonic Ultrasonic AG».

2019 – Apprenticeship training of commercial employees.

2020 – Establishment of electronics production line (SMD/THT).

2022 – Succession plan; new managing director onboard. Jürg Bernet becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors.
With around 15 specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly efficient, world-class solutions for ultrasonic welding and cutting are developed and manufactured.