Hand-held welding unit UWH 35-2

Hand-held welding unit UWH 35-2

Compact Ultrasonic hand-held welding unit for welding, spot-welding, riveting, tacking and calking of plastics, thermoplastic coated and thermoplastic fabrics.

Applied in studios, car manufacturing, difficult accessible or overhead areas and industrial assembly yards. Cost-efficient Ultrasonic Welding equipment for limited-lot production in studios, small and medium enterprises.

Compatible with working frequency 35kHz devices.


Type Article-No. Operating frequency Options
UWH 35-2100-27735 kHz


Product information
TypeUWH 35-2
Operating frequency35 kHz


Compatible with

Generators type range Cobra XL

Generators type range Viper XL

Generators type range Boa

Generators type range Anaconda