Hand welding unit UWG 35-2

Hand welding unit UWG 35-2

Compact ultrasonic hand welding unit UWG 35 to weld, spot weld, rivet, staple thermoplastic and textile materials.

For car parts which are difficult to access and industrial assembly site.

It is a economical solution for small series especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The new Hand welding unit is built more compact with an ergonomic handle for precise welding. Thanks to the weight reduction the ultrasonic hand welding unit is more comfortable.

Compatible with working frequency 35kHz devices.


Type Article-No. Operating frequency Options
UWG 35-2100-81835 kHz


Product information
TypeUWG 35-2
Operating frequency35 kHz

Compatible with

Spare parts / repair Generators type range Cobra XL

Generators type range Viper XL

Spare parts / repair Generators type range Boa

Generators type range Anaconda